Project 1721 Conference 2017 June 10th Speakers and Talks:

  • Dr. Gordon T. Smith, President, Ambrose University Calgary (Ambrose is associated with the Alliance and Nazarene Churches).  Dr. Smith's talk is on "What Can Evangelicals Learn from Catholics?


  • Dr. Robert Stackpole, Director, John Paul II Institute for Divine Mercy, Stockbridge MA; Theological Assistant and Writer for The Fellowship of Catholics and Evangelicals.  His talk is "What Can Catholics Learn from Evangelicals?"


  • Dr. Pastor Harry Strauss is part of the pastoral team at Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, SK. He has written the small group study booklet "Evangelicals & Catholics in Dialogue."  He will present an overview of the program and will take us through one of the modules.  Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in discussion groups. 


  • Bob Cheatley, president of St. Stephen's University in New Brunswick, a Christian University that features a Minor in Catholic Studies, will speak about the impact the program is making in students’ lives.  


  • Jim Marland is a Registered Psychologist with an MA in Psychology earned at Trinity Western University in 1998, Jim is the Chair of the FCE Board of Governors.  Jim will provide us with an overview of the purpose of the conference, and will emcee the event. 


  • Sarah Buckham, is a Catholic student who earned her degree at Trinity Western University and its Redeemer Pacific College Learning Center.  She is currently an Admissions Counselor at Trinity Western.  Sarah will speak about her experience of studying and working in a Catholic and Evangelical trans-denominational setting.  
  • Andrew Kowan is an Evangelical TWU alum.  He took courses at Redeemer Pacific College at TWU as part of his university degree and is now a pastor at Cedar Park Church in Ladner, BC.  Andrew will speak about his university experience and how it impacted his life and ministry 


  • Timon Piccini is a Catholic alum of TWU and RPC.  He is currently a teacher at Surrey Christian Elementary School in Surrey, BC (an Evangelical school).  Timon will speak on his education and work experiences.  


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